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Waiting is the hardest part


Man, what the hell. Escape Velocity hasn’t made a peep in forever. Are they EVER going to open?


Man, are we EVER going to open? What the hell?

We’ve been quiet for a while since our crowdfunding effort. The main reason is we don’t really have any updates as of yet. The final stage in our journey to opening is waiting for our loan to process so we can purchase the Parkside building and get the doors open. It’s a long, slow process when you are starting a company alone, not rich, with only a few minor investors. It takes forever. ForEVER!

Pretty much every single morning, we wake up and this plays in our minds:

Except instead of Homer waiting to shoot stuff, it’s us waiting to sign stuff. Specifically loan paperwork that will let us get our damn doors open already.

So the update is: we’re also waiting, but there is an end in sight.

We should have our loan, and subsequently, the building in September. Once we get the building, we need to dig through all the Parkside seafood stuff to find out what we need and what we don’t need (Don’t need, 12 oyster shuckers, bin full of oyster shells, Parkside Seafood shirts, etc). Then we are doing some minor work to the building itself to make the front entrance and bathrooms ADA compliant, a little redecorating to switch from sea-faring ship to spaceship, then we will open our doors as a craft beer bar and vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

Ideally we are open in that capacity by Thanksgiving. During that time, construction of the brewing facility will start with us serving our own beer sometime in the beginning of 2019.

In more exciting news, despite not yet having a full scale brewery to brew in, our brewer, Jason (It’s me. I’m writing this post), continued brewing and entering competitions as a home brewer in preparation for the brewery opening, and our stout, Magnificent Desolation, took home the silver medal in the Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup for stouts!

This is the 4th award for the stout which includes Best of Show in the 2016 Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup and Silver Medal for stouts in the mid-west region of the National Homebrew Competition.

Stay tuned here and on our social media. We will have tangible updates soon if it kills us. Once we have a for sure timeline, we will have a regular opening/construction update post at least once a week. Oh buddy,  we can’t wait to have those posts for you. It’s happening. Soon.

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