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Location, location, location?

We finally have a location for the brewery! For real this time!

Our architects are working on floor plans right now and as soon as we have them finalized, we will have a better idea of our timeline for opening. Keep checking our website and social media for updates!

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T-? and holding

Six months is a long time for us to be silent, and for that we apologize. Some of you have contacted us through social media, and this last weekend we had the pleasure of chatting with some of you in person while attending the Winter Warmer at Lafayette Brew Co. The general topic: When the hell are you going to open and why no updates?

The reason for that silence? In this case it’s no news is bad news. 2018 was pretty rough on us. After spending much of the year working to get the Parkside location rezoned, parking variances, and raising funds to afford our down payment, we have unfortunately lost the Parkside building.

The main issue was, after all the previous issues we had getting our bank to embrace the concept of the vegetarian brewpub, the powers that be chose to provide us with a loan to buy the building, but would not provide a loan for the expansion and equipment needed to house the brewery portion. Additionally, one of the final steps in the process was an appraisal, which came back far lower than we needed in order to proceed with the purchase. While we possibly could have moved forward with renting the space rather than buying, it would have taken us several years to afford to build on the brewery. Making delicious vegetarian food for all of you is good, however our main mission is to brew beer, making the Parkside building no longer an option.

So we licked our wounds, and we sat. Quiet. Mourning.

We provide this update, not as a big announcement of what is to come, but as an announcement that we are still here and we are still moving forward. We just don’t have any solid timeline.

For the last couple of months, we have been negotiating with a couple of potential properties, but the process is quite slow and we do not have a timeline for when we will know where our home will be.

When we finally get a location secured, after some much needed celebratory beers, we will make an announcement to the world. We’ll have so many updates when we are working to open that you’ll pine for the days this last six months when we were silent.

As NASA flight director Gene Kranz said: “Failure is not an option”

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YOU get a thank you! and YOU get a thank you…EVERYONE gets a thank you!!!

A well needed update. After the issues we experienced in our loan process a few weeks back and our cry for help showing the need for a plant based food solution in Greater Lafayette, we were able to get our bank back to the table and after making a few modifications to the business plan, our loan has been officially approved.


Our next step is to finish raising a little extra money the bank is requiring for the down payment portion of the loan (which we’re moving along with right now) and we should have the keys to the building by mid-September.

Once we are closer to that date, we will update with a more solid timeline for when we will be opening. Stay tuned to our social media for a LOT more updates starting soon!

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Waiting is the hardest part


Man, what the hell. Escape Velocity hasn’t made a peep in forever. Are they EVER going to open?


Man, are we EVER going to open? What the hell?

We’ve been quiet for a while since our crowdfunding effort. The main reason is we don’t really have any updates as of yet. The final stage in our journey to opening is waiting for our loan to process so we can purchase the Parkside building and get the doors open. It’s a long, slow process when you are starting a company alone, not rich, with only a few minor investors. It takes forever. ForEVER!

Pretty much every single morning, we wake up and this plays in our minds:

Except instead of Homer waiting to shoot stuff, it’s us waiting to sign stuff. Specifically loan paperwork that will let us get our damn doors open already.

So the update is: we’re also waiting, but there is an end in sight.

We should have our loan, and subsequently, the building in September. Once we get the building, we need to dig through all the Parkside seafood stuff to find out what we need and what we don’t need (Don’t need, 12 oyster shuckers, bin full of oyster shells, Parkside Seafood shirts, etc). Then we are doing some minor work to the building itself to make the front entrance and bathrooms ADA compliant, a little redecorating to switch from sea-faring ship to spaceship, then we will open our doors as a craft beer bar and vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

Ideally we are open in that capacity by Thanksgiving. During that time, construction of the brewing facility will start with us serving our own beer sometime in the beginning of 2019.

In more exciting news, despite not yet having a full scale brewery to brew in, our brewer, Jason (It’s me. I’m writing this post), continued brewing and entering competitions as a home brewer in preparation for the brewery opening, and our stout, Magnificent Desolation, took home the silver medal in the Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup for stouts!

This is the 4th award for the stout which includes Best of Show in the 2016 Indiana State Fair Brewer’s Cup and Silver Medal for stouts in the mid-west region of the National Homebrew Competition.

Stay tuned here and on our social media. We will have tangible updates soon if it kills us. Once we have a for sure timeline, we will have a regular opening/construction update post at least once a week. Oh buddy,  we can’t wait to have those posts for you. It’s happening. Soon.

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We’re so close!

Exciting news and a call for help! We’ve finally found the perfect home for Escape Velocity Brewing! We’ve successfully rezoned part of the property so we can build on a brewing facility, however for legal reasons, we had to start a new LLC to purchase the property, and so can’t use the other funds we have raised (don’t worry, they will be essential for construction and equipment costs). So are now asking one more time for your help in raising funds for the purchase of this building and land. Please considering donating to our Indiegogo campaign, and forwarding to your friends! We have new fun perks, and are SO CLOSE to realizing our dream of bringing delicious beer and vegetarian food to our community!

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Location, Location, Location

The cat’s out of the bag – we’re hoping to move into the former Parkside Seafood! We are currently under contract for this building, contingent on our ability to get approval to build a brewing facility onto the current structure.

The APC meeting was just one of the hurdles we have to jump. Up next:
– City Council Zoning Meeting
– City Variance Meeting
– Raising down payment funds (we have to purchase the building as a separate LLC from Escape Velocity Brewing, so can’t use the money we already have already raised for the brewery)

We are excited and hopeful that this will all go through! We live in this area, and are very excited at the prospect of being our own neighborhood pub! We love our community, and hope to serve delicious beer and vegetarian/vegan food to friends old and new in our neighborhood!

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